Eva Gerritse

Business Lead Sponsoring & Sport

As a Sponsoring & Sport Business Lead I am responsible for the development of communication and sponsorship research. I provide advice – also at an international level – about the development of campaigns and brand activities to clients such as Heineken, PepsiCo, Nissan, Ziggo, The Dutch Premier League and KNVB. My passion is specifically for research into sport sponsorship and I know better than anyone how to involve sports fans in sponsorship activities.

Sport is also my main motivation in my free time. I enjoy running, dancing and yoga. I can often be found in football stadiums and I contribute to various sporting events as a volunteer. I also like to write and I am a permanent blogger on various sport marketing and sponsorship platforms. With my energy and enthusiasm I go to every length to help our clients grow their brands through the development of communications and brand activities which have significant impact.