The insights of Blauw Sponsoring Insights show the sponsorship impact on key performance indicators such as appreciation, preference and purchasing rate. We do not measure media value or exposure but provide insights into true sponsorship impact on consumer behaviour.

How do we measure sponsorship impact?

Blauw Sponsoring Insights aims to connect brand message and consumer impression. In the consumer’s mind all sorts of thought structures relating to brands exist. Structures that collectively form the ideas a consumer has about a brand. By researching sponsorship impact, we show how a sponsorship can influence this consumer thought process.

We are well aware that 95 per cent of all decisions are guided by the unconscious parts of the mind. Therefore, Blauw does not directly ask people what they think of a certain brand. Our research methods are tailored to the ways in which consumer thought processes work. We use implicit measuring methods. This allows us to chart the strength of the emotional bond between consumer and brand. Which in turn provides us with insights about the associations consumers have with the brand in question.

To determine how sponsorships have contributed to the emotional connection between brand and consumer, we must know in what way people are engaged with the sponsorship domain (usually sport), and in what ways this involvement is expressed. Someone who only watches highlight compilations of the greatest Champions League goals gets introduced to brands in a different manner to someone who attends as many live sporting events as possible, or someone who mostly follows the goings-on of the big European football clubs through their Instagram feed.

Blauw Sponsoring Insights is committed to asking the right questions. We measure the consumer’s engagement with the sport by charting the role that sport plays in the people’s lives. To do so, we extensively chart how people consume the sport. Which channels do they use? Which devices? Do they use multiple screens at a time? What is their favourite type of sports content?

Asking the right questions provides brands with answers they can truly use. By measuring the consumer’s level of engagement with the sport at different points in time, we can analyse the effect of the sponsorship. Because we then combine this analysis with media behaviour, we can also conclude what a sponsor needs to do to further strengthen the connection with a relevant consumer group.