Our belief

Sport is about emotion. People feel an emotional bond with sportspeople, teams, and events. The sponsoring of sporting events enables brands to build an emotional link with a relevant group of consumers in a way that no other marketing tool can.

For that reason, the aim of sponsorship goes much further than reach alone. The unique value of sponsorship lies in bolstering the connection between consumer and brand. That is why sponsoring should ultimately lead to better scores in terms of brand objectives such as improved brand recognition, image, preference, and purchase.

Even so, the success of sponsorships is often expressed in terms of media value. How often or how long have consumers been exposed to the brand thanks to sponsorships? This may well give an impression of the reach, but it says nothing at all about the extent to which a sponsor manages to shore up that emotional connection with the target group. Even if exposure is high, this is no guarantee that the unique sponsorship value will be realised.

That is why Blauw Sponsoring Insights opts for a more thorough working method. We focus on measuring the real indicators of the success of sponsorships. Those are indicators that reflect the impact that sponsorship has on the brand in question. Our research reveals how sponsorships strengthen the emotional bond between brand and consumer. We use those insights to help sponsors maximise the unique value of their sponsorship.

Blauw Sponsoring Insights

  • Maximise the impact of sponsorships on brand strength
  • Prove and improve ROI
  • Provide input for contract negotiations
  • Generate new ideas for activation programmes
  • Simplify strategic sponsorship decisions
  • Reduce budget wastage of sponsorship rights
  • Create alignment and support in the boardroom

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