Way of working

Every brand is unique, every sponsorship is unique. That is why every sponsorship requires a unique research approach. We do not offer standardised solutions. Instead, we design our research just so, so that it fits the unique objectives and challenges of the brand. This approach requires thorough and flexible collaboration.

Collaborating with Blauw Sponsoring Insights:

  • Our research consists of precise customisation. We choose the solution that perfectly fits with the specific brand and sponsorship objectives of our client.
  • Specialised solutions allow us to deliver brand-specific insights that truly contribute to using sponsorships as a way to develop your brand.
  • Our reports and presentations are tailored to the needs and wishes of our clients.
  • Our experienced team of research consultants provides clear and concise advice about the strategic goals of sponsorships and campaigns.

We understand the business and challenges of our client

Blauw Sponsoring Insights places great value on its client-first approach. This means that we make sure that with each collaboration, we truly understand the main challenges for our clients, and tailor our research to their specific needs. This leads to the optimal research solution. It allows us to provide results interpretations that truly help our client to move forward.

We want our collaborations to be thorough and extensive

Nothing beats a healthy form of communication. It is paramount to the success of our approach that we collaborate with our clients in thorough and extensive fashion. Every project is assigned to a dedicated team, that is in frequent contact with the client. That’s how we stay informed of the developments within the sponsorship. If need be, we can then customise our research and analysis. This form of collaboration assures that our output is always in line with the client’s wishes.

We are flexible

Blauw Sponsoring Insights stands for a flexible approach. We live in a constantly changing world. That is why it’s essential to us to adapt to the circumstances. We can adjust the timing of our research if the situation calls for it. This provides clients with the opportunity to adjust the questions we ask and the way in which the results are presented. This approach leads to transparency, clear communication and alignment in regard to the research goals.

We are committed

Availability is a must. For each research project, we put together a select team consisting of experienced research consultants who are aware of the methods, objectives, and challenges of the client. To clients of sponsorship effect tracking this team is available year-round for questions regarding, for example, the research, new campaigns or objectives.

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