ABN AMRO: measuring the impact of sponsorship

ABN AMRO and Blauw Research have been working together since 2006. In 2018 we measured the impact of ABN AMRO’s sponsorship for the 60th time. It’s been a long and valuable working relationship. Despite developments in the financial markets and changes in direction in ABN AMRO’s sponsorship policy, they are still conducting this research consistently through us.

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ABN AMRO sponsorship evaluation

Sponsoring effectiveness research

ABN AMRO specialises in the sports, art and culture, education and entrepreneurship sectors, with talent development forming an overarching theme. We are proud that our research has contributed to the development of ABN AMRO’s sponsorship policy in these different domains.

ABN AMRO’s enormously diverse sponsorship activities are combined within one long-term portfolio sponsorship research programme.

It is this special combination of domains, sponsorships and target audiences that provides such interesting insights, as it enables us to ascertain whether a sponsorship campaign has a greater impact on people who come into contact with the sponsorship in several different domains.

Synergy effect

It seems that the more domains a company covers in its sponsorship activities (for example tennis, museums and classical music), the greater the impact of their sponsorship will be. Our Sponsoring Effectiveness Tracker tells us which combination of domains has the greatest impact. Is it enough simply to sponsor a few sports? Or would you need to include a domain in the cultural sphere to reach certain potential customers?

Cooperation in measuring and setting objectives

ABN AMRO and Blauw have a very special, close working relationship. Every year we evaluate our collaboration and the results we obtain and meet with the client to discuss plans for the year ahead.

  • Do they want to bring any new sponsorships on board?
  • What campaigns and activations are they planning?
  • What are their sponsorship goals (KPIs) for the upcoming year?

We set the goals together and can measure them precisely and adjust them along the way if necessary. Every quarter the client gets a snapshot of how things are going at that point and we help them stay on the right track.

Find out how to get your clients enthusiastic about your own sponsorship activities

I’d be happy to advise you on mapping out the impact of your sponsorship activities. We can help you refine your campaigns and activations so that you can be sure your sponsorship will have the greatest and most positive impact on your target audience. ”
Eva Gerritse