Continuous insight with the Orange tracker

As the largest sports association in the Netherlands, the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) targets all Dutch football fans. This includes as much as three-quarters of the country’s population. The KNVB aims to attract as many football fans as possible using a wide range of products and activities. Naturally, the Dutch national men’s and women’s teams are the biggest crowd pullers.

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KNVB Orange Tracker

It’s important for the KNVB to know what’s going on in the Netherlands in relation to its national teams. Obtaining continuous insight into public perception enables the association to serve and approach its target audiences even better.

Continuous insight into public perception

With our continuous online Orange Tracker, we measure the perception of the national teams among a representative group of Dutch people on a weekly basis.

This gives the KNVB an opportunity to keep a constant eye on how things stand in terms of public perception in the Netherlands. They get to see the impact of particular events such as the appointment of Ronald Koeman as the new national coach, for example, or the impact of match results.

By carrying out continuous research you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in terms of how your brand is perceived. For the KNVB, this sheds light on which events impact on the perception people have of their national teams and enables it to actively focus on them in the future.

Real-time insight into results

The results from the sponsoring effectiveness tracker are displayed on an online dashboard. This gives the KNVB a 24/7 view of the latest results, which are automatically updated in real time. The online dashboard enables the KNVB to see what is happening week by week and to adjust its communication strategy accordingly. It gets to see precisely how many Dutch people are positive about the Dutch national teams. If desired, users can drill down into the results on the online dashboard even further, for example by filtering for relevant target audiences and by looking at the open answers given by certain groups.

The Orange Tracker is a clear and concise instrument whose setup and pricing are just as clearly structured and efficient. If at any time KNVB needs a deeper understanding of why certain shifts in perception are happening, we set up additional market research, which could include an online community or a brainstorming session with national team fans, for example.

Have you also set your sights on continuous insight?

Continuous research into public perception in the sports world helps sports organisations and sponsors to get a better understanding of what’s happening among their supporters. This sheds light on which events impact most on the perception of the teams among their main target audiences. Checking these insights on an online dashboard on a weekly basis enables you to respond to them immediately.

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