VodafoneZiggo – Sponsor Effectiveness Tracker

VodafoneZiggo is active as a sponsor in diverse domains. Ziggo focuses on the world of sports (Ajax and Max Verstappen) and music (name sponsor of Ziggo Dome, the Netherlands’ biggest concert hall). Vodafone, for its part, also sponsors the music sector and the esports world (Electronic Sports League).

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Vodafone Ziggo Sponsorship Research

With its extensive sponsorship portfolio, VodafoneZiggo wants to strengthen ties with its existing customer base, while also attracting new customers. The sponsorships each have a rhythm of their own, with activities and events highlighting the VodafoneZiggo brands in the various domains throughout the entire year. Clearly, it is important to keep continuous track of the effectiveness of all these sponsorships in promoting the brand. Is a certain campaign a hit among football fans? Are music fans more enthusiastic about Ziggo after a really cool activation in the Ziggo Dome?

Continuous measurement

With our continuous online tracker, we perform weekly measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of all sponsorships among a representative group of Dutch people. Each week, members of the group are invited to complete the questionnaire at varying times throughout the week.

Continuous research ensures VodafoneZiggo always has a finger on the pulse of what is happening, knows which activations and campaigns really influence the brand and can exercise active control over its sponsorship success.

Real-time insight in the online dashboard

The research results are fed back to the VodafoneZiggo team in a real-time online dashboard – ensuring that VodafoneZiggo marketeers and researchers always have access to the latest information and direct insight into the effectiveness of activations or campaigns.

The online dashboard contains sponsorship-specific reports indicating the results for the most important goals (KPIs) for each sponsorship. In addition, an online Tables Tool gives VodafoneZiggo more comprehensive access to all data. The online report shows the big picture, while the Tables Tool enables the VodafoneZiggo team to dig deeper into the data.

With these tools, VodafoneZiggo can obtain vital insights at any time in order to respond directly to the latest changes in the rapidly evolving landscape in which it operates.

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