Sales consultant sponsoring Tristan Noordhoff: ‘I always get energised from a good face-to-face discussion with a client'

Having spent years as the person responsible for sales at organisations such as TMF, Metro and Mediahuis Nederland, Tristan Noordhoff has been working for Blauw Sponsoring Insights since 1 February. As a sales consultant, he is occupied with the international growth of the client portfolio. A 'getting to know you' talk about sailing, being proactive and the elusive goodwill factor.

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You have a passion for sailing. Did you grow up close to water?

Sure, I grew up in Bergen, on the coast of Noord-Holland. When I was young, I got a small boat from my parents so that I could go sailing. Later on I took up wind surfing: people would see me on my bike, with the board on the back, heading for the beach. But there came a time when I exchanged the wind-surfing board for my greatest passion: the catamaran.

Where did you get your passion for sport?

I'm a naturally competitive person. In other words: when I play a game, I play to win. I can be a pretty sore loser. As an example: I could be quite fanatic when we had sports days in my time at Metro and Mediahuis. If, perhaps, I saw someone on my team dawdling I could get quite irritated about it. These days, fortunately, I'm a bit older and wiser, so I can deal with losing a bit better.

How would you describe your relationship to sponsoring?

That's a good question, one which reminds me that I used to be a member of the sponsor committee of the boating club where I was a member. Later on I was also active in the sponsor committee of the club where my children played hockey. My task there was to approach big players like Rabobank, as well as the smaller ones, to close sponsorship deals.

But this is your first job in which sport and sponsoring are the 'main event'?

Indeed: I was involved with media before, but now I've left that behind me. In those days I was already visiting the big sponsors in the world of sport such as ING and ABN Amro, but that was when they ran media campaigns in the daily newspapers. Now, at Blauw Sponsoring Insights, I have an outlet for my passion for sport. That passion, my sales experience and the great feeling that I got when I first walked through the door here all played a part in why I'm sitting here today.

This role means that I'll probably be working again with ING or ABN Amro, but the subject of conversation then will be sponsoring and market research. That is much more complicated and on a larger scale than a full-page advert in the paper or an on-line advertising campaign. Market research involves so much more, and I think that's super interesting. And I always get energised from a good face-to-face discussion with a client; that's something I really enjoy.

Other than your years of experience, what do you have to offer Sponsoring Insights?

A new way of working, I believe. In the past, we often sent e-mails to potential clients to let them know about our organisation and our way of working. My style is more proactive; I give a potential client a call, have a discussion and make sure that we have a follow-up appointment. That works best. After all, whichever way you look at it, the magic ingredient is the goodwill factor.

Could you give an example of a situation like that?

A few weeks ago, I contacted the sponsor manager of a large international car brand, who are sponsors in football. Of course, I first studied their strategy and then contacted him. We had a very good conversation, he was open to hear more about our approach. In fact, he wanted to hear our advice on a possible investigation into their football sponsorships. That is of course exactly why we help sponsors, to make their sponsorships more successful. So this shows what a call can deliver.

In fact sales isn't necessarily always about pointing out the difference you can make, but more about being proactive, tenacious and spreading the word about your name.

In fact, I think that's the case 80% of the time. First of all, you have to get a foot in the door. I need to organise things so that the person in question is prepared to make time for a cup of coffee. Then we can go into the subject at hand in detail.

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