Sports sponsorship analytics

Our experience in sponsorships

Our insights into the impact of international sponsorships contribute to successful partnerships in a wide array of international sponsoring domains.

For over 20 years our insights have helped international brands perfect their sponsoring strategy. We not only map the impact of sponsoring on brand growth, but also show where opportunities lie to improve the sponsoring efforts. We thus contribute to successful partnerships surrounding the UEFA Champions League, Olympic Games, Formula 1, Formula E, cricket, esports, cycling and rugby.

We work for different clubs, federations, stadiums, leagues and sponsors in football. We prove the impact of sponsorships around the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, European and World Championships and women's football.

Racing is one of the key areas of our sponsorship effectiveness research. We prove the success of sponsorships for various sponsorships in motorsport by measuring the impact on brand growth for sponsors.

Cricket is not a big sport in all countries, but with an estimated 2 billion followers worldwide, cricket is one of the largest sports in the world. We are working with Nissan to optimize sponsorship of cricket.

Esports are a great way to connect with younger generations who are more difficult to reach through traditional channels and content (like live sports on TV). This makes esports a unique opportunity for sponsors in traditional sports as well.