Pre-testing of sponsorship campaigns

Sustainable success is always the goal. Blauw Sponsoring Insights helps brands to continuously grow. That’s why our research goes further than just proving sponsorship impact. We also show where opportunities lie to further enhance the success of sponsoring. We do this by giving advice through the Sports Media Profiler on the most promising campaign strategies. We then pre-test the developed campaigns before they are launched, to determine if the right creative decisions have been made.

Pre-testing is looking ahead

An online pre-test provides sponsors with the opportunity to present their campaign to the target audience, before the campaign has gone ‘live’. With the pre-test, we let target audiences who are important to the sponsor provide input for the campaign.

The pre-test shows if the developed campaign actually contributes to the sponsorship goals. We provide advice regarding content, tone of voice, visual elements and messaging. With those insights, sponsors can sharpen up their campaigns once more, so that they are even more complementary to the emotions and preferences of the target audience. This enhances the success of the campaign, and with that, increases the impact the sponsor has.

We can test different forms of campaigning. Think of:

  • tv commercials
  • online videos
  • digital campaigns
  • outdoor advertising

SPRINT research tool: results within 24 hours

With our SPRINT research tool, we can execute an online pre-test within 24 hours in multiple countries and languages. Even during the pre-test, live results are visible on the interactive dashboard.

It is important to view the results in the right perspective. That is why the tool contains benchmarks for:

  • previous campaigns within the sponsorship
  • campaigns of the same brand with different sponsorships
  • campaigns of other sponsors

You can read more about SPRINT or contact Eva Gerritse