Sponsorship effect tracking

The most important goal of our research into sponsorship effect is to chart the impact of sponsoring on brand development. We do not measure media value or exposure, but instead provide insights into the attitude and behaviour of consumers in regard to the sponsorship. Our insights show what impact sponsoring has on key performance indicators such as favourability, consideration, preference, and purchase.

We then make sure that the message of the sponsorship is put out in the most effective way possible. In combination with providing insights into sponsoring effect, we help brands choose the right target audience, content, and channels for their activation strategy. We identify where opportunities lie to effectively increase sponsoring impact of successful campaigns.

Prove sponsorship effect

People differ, and so do fans. To prove the impact of sponsoring, we have developed the FanShipLevel model. This segmentation model allows us to break down in which ways people are engaged with a sponsoring domain (such as football, tennis or F1). When researching sponsoring effect, we analyse the results by measuring key performance indicators with different groups of people with different levels of engagement. For example: football fans versus a general audience. That is how we can isolate the sponsoring effect on brand growth.

Trends: what impacts sponsorship efforts?

Blauw always factors in trends within its research. To analyse the effects of the way the brand utilises the sponsorship - for example: through campaigns or events - we measure at different points in time, in a consistent fashion. Our analyses are geared towards tracking and comparing trends for different target audiences. That is how we can determine the effectiveness of the sponsorship efforts of the brand.

Therefore, it is important to measure at different points in time. The timing of these measuring moments depends on the sponsorship, the specific sports season, and the brand. We choose the timing and frequency that fits best with the sponsorship. By measuring sponsoring effect with this approach, we help many international sponsors to increase their sponsoring impact on a continual basis.

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