Sports media profiling

Blauw Sponsoring Insights understands that reach works differently nowadays. The way in which people follow sport is changing rapidly. Especially teens and adolescents follow their favourite sports through channels other than the traditional television set. For a sponsorship to be successful, it is essential for a brand to get in contact with sports fans in a relevant way. So it is really important to understand how people follow their sport.

Sponsors strive to reach as many fans as possible with their campaigns and activations. Our Sports Media Profiler shows to what extent a sponsor is succeeding in reaching fans and followers in the right manner with the right content.

Through our Sports Media Profiler we enable sponsors to connect with those target audiences that seem unreachable. By charting which content and which channels need to be used to reach certain target audiences, we allow brands to build fruitful relationships with these groups.

Increase sponsorship success and reduce media budget

The purpose of the Sports Media Profiler is to get accurate and actionable insights into sports fans’ media behaviour. The outcomes demonstrate in detail for specific moments, through which media channels and by means of which content sponsors should activate to enlarge reach among the relevant target groups.

Our clients use the Sports Media Profiler to make fact-based decisions about their sponsorship campaigns. The insights contribute to increased sponsorship reach, brand growth and to reduced waste of media budget.

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