Blauw Research is a leading market research agency in Rotterdam. Team Sponsoring Insights researches the impact of global sponsorships on brand development. Based on our research results, we advise brands on ways of enhancing their sponsorship impact.

Blauw employs 70 professionals and we are regularly looking for passionate researchers, trainees and interns. You always have the freedom to decide for yourself when and where you work. At the moment, everyone works from home if possible. As soon as the rules are relaxed further, our office will be completely ready for social distancing!

Our modern office is located on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam, with a great view of the Stadhuisplein. At Blauw Research we also have a huge terrace where you can work, enjoy lunch, drink coffee and even work out. We enjoy socialising and organise lots of get-togethers, including bootcamps and drinks parties, and we have shared buffet lunches every day. Moreover we are fanatic about table football! Even in the current social distancing situation, we remain closely involved with each other at a distance via all sorts of digital meetings.

Our HR Departement