UEFA Champions League - Insights Report 2022

22 september 2022

Blauw Sponsoring Insights has been helping sponsors of the UEFA Champions League to understand the worldwide impact of their sponsorship since 1999. The insights of our global UEFA Champions League research contribute to increased sponsorship impact and more successful sponsorship campaigns. Currently we work with 5 different UEFA Champions League sponsors, enabling them to build a better connection with football fans through smart consumer insights.

UEFA Champions League Insights 2022 report

Based on the insights from our global UEFA Champions League sponsorship research, we share some of the key insights in a yearly report (free to download). The latest report on the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League season is now available. It includes the development of interest levels, the latest insights on fan characteristics, attitudes and media consumption and the performance of sponsors.

In the report you will read more about:

  • Popularity of the UEFA Champions League and how this compares to the FIFA World Cup and other events
  • Media behaviour and other characteristics of UEFA Champions League fans
  • The impact of UEFA Champions League sponsorships on sponsors’ brands

The results are based on our 2021-2022 global UEFA Champions League study, which covers more than 20 countries worldwide. The study is conducted twice per season through online surveys: in December after the Champions League group stage and in May/June after the final.

Get your free download of the UEFA Champions League report by clicking on the button below. Enjoy reading!